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                                                                                            Established in Australia since 1977.


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     Member of NSW Karate Federation, Australian Karate Federation & World Karate federation.

   Art of fighting from Japan 

    Now in Sydney, NSW Australia.


  Martial arts, Karate, Jujitsu, Self-defence, Weapon fighting

taught by professional Japanese instructors

Schools in Sydney - Bankstown, Ryde, Epping, Eastwood & Parramatta areas:


Bankstown area:  144 Tower St, Panania (next to Revesby) (Full time school)

Ryde, Epping area:   Rowe St, Eastwood (at Eastwood Public School)

Parramatta area:  Hawkesbury Rd, Westmead (at Westmead Public School)

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Martial arts Sydney

Japanese Academy of Martial Arts Sydney | 144 Tower St, Panania NSW 2213, Australia | 02 9793 1172 or  041 979 2171 

New website:  www.mykarate.com.au